10 Reasons Why To Go To Romania

Romania may not instantly spring to mind when thinking of a holiday destination. However, whilst this European Union country is little travelled to, there are some fantastic sights to explore. The nation is also comparatively cheap compared to other Western nations, allowing you to get more for your money whilst you’re away.

One of the overriding features of Romania is that it has remained as unaffected by modern day advances as possible. Whilst in the cities you may see cars zooming around, horse drawn buggies remain a popular mode of transport, and you may feel like you’ve stepped back in time. However, there are a great range of activities from exploring cultural retreats to taking to the mountains for hiking and biking, providing many reasons why Romania should be considered when booking a holiday away.

1. Sighisoara

If you’re chasing vampires then this medieval citadel town is the place to visit. Vlad Tepes, otherwise known as Dracula, was born here. However, there is much more than the fabled vampire stories themselves, and you’ll find cobbled streets, colourful townhouses and beautiful churches to explore.

2. Bucharest

The capital of Romania is a thriving city, with students enjoying the open-air bar scene, families taking to the city’s parks and plazas, and multiple opportunities to enjoy theatre, film and opera.

3. Bucharest Architecture

Bucharest is an eclectic mix of architectural genres, with drab housing blocks clashing with French baroque palaces, 21st century office buildings and the remains of medieval courts and churches. Glimpses of the ornate Primaverii Palace can be seen over its boundary walls, whilst the Central University Library is a grand building inside and out.

4. Driving Holidays

Romania’s off season is a great time to explore if you want to utilise car hire companies. Traffic can be difficult in the peak season, but if you travel outside of the school holidays you’ll find that a driving holiday is a great way to see as much as Romania’s gorgeous scenery as possible.

5. Stunning Forests

If you love forests, whether walking, hiking or biking through them, Romania’s Carpathian Mountains are swathed in trees, offering stunning scenery throughout the year to explore.

6. Danube Delta

If you’re a bird lover then heading to Romania in May, September or October will reward you hugely with the sight of migrating birds. The Danube Delta attracts millions of birds at this time and it’s a great sight, even for those who aren’t keen birdwatchers.

7. Brancusi Art

If you’re a fan of sculpture and art then you’ll love the work of Romanian artist Constantin Brancusi. His work is spread throughout the country and you’ll note influences wherever you go.

8. The Voronet Monastery

Located in the town of Gura Humorului, the Voronet Monastery is one of the famous painted buildings in the Suceava County. Using ‘Voronet Blue’ to bring intensity to the beautiful and original motifs, the artwork is a stunning sight to see.

9. The Merry Graveyard

Located in Sãpânta, the Merry Graveyard is famous for having colourfully painted crosses which represent the lives and occupations of those buried beneath them.

10. Romanian Beer

Romania’s traditional brewing techniques have provided unique flavours to its Ursus and Stejar beverages which can be sampled in Bucharest’s Caru cu Bere, the oldest beer hall in the city.