5 Family Activities To Try in Romania

Nowadays Romania is as peaceful as any EU country and has transformed itself into a European gem. With vampire legends, a fascinating history, atmospheric cities and beautiful countryside, it makes for a wonderful family holiday destination. Here's our pick of what to do for your family vacation in Romania.

Visit Dracula's Castle

For something a little scary, why not take out a whole day and make your way to visit Dracula's castle in Transylvania. The home of the Dark Prince is located just 84 miles from Bucharest so we suggest taking a train as this will allow for splendid views of the mythical countryside. The castle (actually called Bran's Castle) was built on top of a 200-foot-high rock and houses a spectacular collection of weapons and armour and there are also a multitude of winding stairs and secret passages to explore.

Go on Safari

Not something most people would think do in Europe, but it's absolute must in Romania. This little country is one of the last Brown Bear strong holds in Europe (about two-thirds of Europe's entire bear population are here) and also houses one of the last groups of the world's most endangered big cat, the Lynx. To catch these animals in action, head of to the Piatra Craiului Mountains in the Transylvanian Alps.

Hit The Black Sea Beaches

Romania heats up quite nicely during summer (it's been known to hit 30°C) so why not make your way to one of the many resorts along the Black Sea coast. Beautiful beaches and coastline can be found at Eforie, Neptun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn or Mangalia for family fun in the sun. The Mamaia Resort is great for water slides galore to keep the kids happy, as well as great accommodation.

When you fancy a change from the beach, why not head inland for tours of the Danube Delta or the painted monasteries of Bucovina.

Check out The Circus

No one stages a circus better than Eastern Europe. While you’re in Romania, head to the Bucharest Globus Circus. This permanent big top circus dates back to the 1960's and offers visitors performances by both locals and travelling circuses. It also doubles up as a market on certain days and with space for 3500 people, it hosts great concerts too.

Go Hiking

Romania's countryside is filled with picturesque villages and beautiful forests, and the best way to experience it all is to go hiking. If you have small children in your company, don't worry.  Most national parks will offer you shorter trails to try. Try out the Western Carpathians for hikes of all ages and physical fitness.  

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