There are 17 civilian airports in Romania but only about half of them are served by international flights. The most important airport is Bucharest's Henri Coanda. Bucharest has a second airport named Baneasa that usually serves low-cost flights. Other important airports outside of Bucharest are Timisoara's Traian Vuia airport and Cluj-Napoca's airport. Constanta, Targu-Mures, Sibiu, Arad, Oradea, Iasi, Suceava and Satu Mare also have international airports, though the traffic isn't too big.

There are a few major Romanian airlines, such as:

  • Tarom - the largest of the bunch; state owned; it operates from Bucharest's Henri Coanda airport;
  • Carpatair - from Timisoara; connects major Romanian cities with European destinations, mainly in Italy, Germany and Spain as well as major Romanian cities between them;
  • Blue Air - self-proclaimed low cost carrier; connects Romanian cities with European destinations; bad reputation - many people that used them have complained about their services.

Air travel in Romania is rare and expensive. This may change after EU entry, which promises to bring major European low-cost airlines in the country, such as easyJet.

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