Romanian is a Romance language, fifth in terms of number of speakers. It's the native language of 26000000 people and it's the official language in Romania, Moldova and Vojvodina (Serbian region).

Speakers of other Romance languages, especially Italian speakers, should have an easier time accustoming themselves with Romanian compared to the rest.

Here's a quick dictionary we though you might find useful during your trip(s) to Romania:

English Word | Romanian Word
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, A hundred, A thousand | Unu, Doi, Trei, Patru, Cinci, Sase, Sapte, Opt, Noua, Zece, O suta, O mie
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday | Luni, Marti, Miercuri, Joi, Vineri, Sambata, Duminica
Where's the embassy? | Unde este ambasada?
How much does it cost? | Cat costa?
Where is hotel X? | Unde este hotelul X?
How can I get to the train station? | Cum pot ajunge la gara?
What bus do I have to take to get to X? | Ce autobuz trebuie sa iau ca sa ajung la X?
Where can I find an ATM? | Unde pot gasi un bancomat?
Train station | Gara
Airport | Aeroport
Bus station | Statie de autobuz
Tram | Tramvai
Thank you! | Multumesc
Hi, Hello | Buna (or Salut)
Good morning | Buna dimineata
Good afternoon | Buna ziua
Good evening | Buna seara
Good night | Noapte buna
Goodbye | La revedere
How are you? | Cum te simti?
What are you doing? | Ce faci?
How? | Cum?
When? | Cand?
What? | Ce?
Who? | Cine?
What's your name? | Cum te cheama?
How old are you? | Cati ani ai?
Excuse me! | Scuzati-ma!

If you want to translate a piece of Romanian into English or vice-versa online, then you're out of luck as there aren't any quality tools for this (such as Babelfish for other languages). You'd be better off if you request the services of a specialized company or make some Romanian friends for the moment.